Some Examples

Individual accomplishments are rarely an individual’s accomplishments.  This is especially true with advising.  It’s the collaboration, with guidance, that produces the extraordinary results that wouldn’t have been achieved so quickly otherwise.

Note: Not every case is a major project.  Sometimes it’s small, focused efforts that lead to meaningful results.

Case #1

Problem Presented:  Need to add senior project manager, at high $, to fixed priced project already underway (significant budget risk).

Root Problem Discovered: Project/Staff task assignments not scalable.

Problem Category: Scale

Solution: Hire project administrator, redistribute task assignments.  Maintain key personnel client access (Key Performance Metric for brand), offload time consuming tasks and those requiring less judgement to more appropriate skill level at more appropriate cost.

Results:  Project completed within budget,  cost avoidance of +15% potential overrun.  Create some runway for scale going forward.

Industry: Information Technology

Company Stage: Startup/Early Stage

Case #2

Problem Presented:  Need to revamp IT function, hire internal CTO/CIO to ensure timely/predictable performance of IT services especially in light to significant planned growth (funding risk).

Root Problem Discovered: KPM reporting and analysis, not aligned with resources.

Problem Category: Brand, Scale

Solution: Recruit and hire reporting/database specialist, outsource desktop and infrastructure IT services.  Provide agile reporting and data analysis on fixed cost basis, leverage scaleable IT service growth through outsourcing.

Results: Reporting and analysis performing well and predictable, organization ahead of plan for scale, all within budget, with downstream savings at scale. Schedule acceleration 6 months.

Industry: Education Not-For-Profit

Company Stage: Established/Growth

Case #3

Problem Presented:  Company needs to consolidate, reconcile numerous operating standards. (earnings risk)

Root Problem Discovered: Multiple acquisitions not fully integrated resulting in operational friction and brand dilution.

Problem Category: Scale, Brand

Solution: Generate infographic illustrating overall workflow and standard terminology.  Create Technical Operations Manual to set best practice reference. Create and track metrics to understand/resolve/reduce no charge work orders

Results: “No Charge” work orders drop from 20+ % to 0.1-0.2 % in less than 1 year.

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Company Stage: Established/Consolidating

Case #4

Problem Presented:  Development project behind schedule. (contractual delivery risk)

Root Problem Discovered: Original design strategy too complex to execute as planned.  Company at risk for significant default/damages clause in Government contract.

Problem Category: Innovation

Solution: Engage multiple vendors design analysis fly off, select best fit from total operations/mission perspective.

Results: New product family developed in less time that original single product plan, deliveries made to Government facility on time avoiding significant default/damages.

Industry: Electronics

Company Stage: Established/Growth

Case #5

Problem Presented:  Product quality complaints from field.  Service division finds product divisions not responsive.

Root Problem Discovered: Independent operating divisions at different growth stages present inconsistent user experience.  Complex installations integrating products of multiple divisions most problematic.

Problem Category: Scale

Solution: Structure a centralized knowledge-base to support field personnel, seeded from all product lines.

Results: Cost avoidance for operating divisions due to flat hiring of technical support resources. Call Closures reduced from days to hours for complex installations.

Industry: Electronics

Company Stage: Established

Case #6

Problem Presented:  Numerous contract deficiencies cannot be remedied in accordance with project schedule. (contract delivery risk)

Root Problem Discovered: Requirements not in line with mission needs.

Problem Category: Innovation

Solution: Work with mission specialists to refine requirements, reducing change-orders without negative impact to mission effectiveness.

Results: Project transition from R&D to Manufacturing executed on schedule.

Industry: Aerospace/Defense

Company Stage: Established

Case #7

Problem Presented: Service division cannot support major product introduction.

Root Problem Discovered: Supply chain cannot ramp up fast enough to support standard product introduction process at forecast volume.

Problem Category: Scale

Solution: Develop and implement exception handling process to balance scarce resources.

Results: Successful product launch with effective service support.

Industry: Electronics

Company Stage: Post IPO/Growth

Case #8

Problem Presented:  Multiple uncollectible invoices including threatened lawsuit related to product performance.

Root Problem Discovered: Engineering department weak in process/practice/staff to execute product transitions, legacy support.

Problem Category: Scale

Solution: Work with clients to determine KPM’s, restructure technical team to deliver on  schedule.

Results: ~500K$ invoices collected, lawsuit replaced with follow on equipment orders.  Exit via strategic investor buyout.

Industry: Electronics

Company Stage: C Round Startup/Growth


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