A few kind words from others…

I am very appreciative of those who took the time to share some kind words about working together.  Here they are:

“Michael is a great advisor because he’s a great listener. He gets to the heart of the issue on the table and then provides clear and actionable advice drawing from his vast experience. What sets him apart as an advisor is his humility and approachability. You’re working with someone who is a friend that cares about you and your business. I could not recommend Michael highly enough”

June 13, 2014.  James Colgan, CEO, Xuropa Inc., San Francisco, CA

“In my opinion, TheBittleCode is a brilliant formulation of the concepts of Brand, Scale and Innovation.  Mike quickly gets to the heart of a problem and his solution will be both comprehensive and practical.  I have known Mike as a customer, friend, business partner and mentor and I can strenuously recommend his services to anyone involved with innovation, investment or growth.”

July 27, 2012. Chuck Stormon, CEO, Attend LLC, Cazenovia, NY

“I appreciated the manner in which he quickly positioned the project in the context of our mission, growth trajectory and the critical role it had in fundraising. In doing so, he opened new ways for me to frame this project and, as a result, we were able to find a solution which included both an excellent in-house hire and external service provider and which far exceeded our initial expectations, all within budget.”

May 14, 2012.  John Mancuso, Executive Director, CDI, NY, NY.

“Mike is an unmatched talent able to superbly assimilate the myriad dynamic variables faced by an operation and the environment in which it must interact to produce game-winning strategy. His articulation is simple and strikingly effective which inspires and leads teams to action and winning results.”

February 18, 2011.  Antony Harris, CEO & Founder, Bright Systems, Reno, NV.

“He brought valuable insights into the business and human integration aspects of the projects we worked on. I can’t think of anyone I’ve enjoyed working with more than Michael.”

January 20, 2011. Peter Wehr, Director of New Media, New York Media Group, New York, NY.

“I worked with Michael for a few years and I found him to be a valuable asset.”  “I couldn’t recommend him more, a great problem solver and forward thinker.”

October 1, 2010.  Domenic Rom, COO, PostWorks, NY, NY.

“Michael is one of the few individuals that can successfully integrate multiple functional areas (technical, Marketing, business development) into a cohesive and straight forward message. I highly recommend Michael.”

October 23, 2009. Martin Malanoski, CFO, Post Perfect, NY, NY.

“His ability to quickly assess complex situations and devise effective solutions resulted in a remarkable turnaround in product image and internal effectiveness. He is comfortable and credible in dealing with all levels of an organization with special strengths in connecting with front line workers.”

October 12, 2009. Greg Taylor, Business Director, DuPont, Wilmington, DE.



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