How I can help you and your business

I help resource constrained companies grow by leveraging existing assets and internal expertise.

The secrets to internal growth, operational excellence, turnaround and competitive advantage exist within your organization. These secrets are frequently locked in the experiences of your front line employees. Often it takes someone from outside the firm to see them clearly.

What’s my secret? My non traditional career has taken me from stock room to board room. Twice. I can mine and leverage the expertise and insights of your front line in a way that your staff and traditional consulting firms can’t. I know what questions to ask, how to ask them and how to process the results.

Let’s have a conversation about how to move you and your business forward.

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“…Mike is an unmatched talent able to superbly assimilate the myriad dynamic variables faced by an operation and the environment in which it must interact to produce game-winning strategy…” – Antony Harris, Principal, The Prominence Group

“…He gets to the heart of the issue on the table and then provides clear and actionable advice drawing from his vast experience…” – James Colgan, Founder & CEO, Xuropa Inc.